Monday, March 23, 2015

Other Life Forms

While swimming in the wild with Humpback Whales again this year, I was struck by how different a whale's body is from that of a human. The first difference is size itself. A humpback female is about 45 feet long and gives birth to a one-ton baby. Also the brain of a whale is proportionally bigger to its overall size than the brains of humans. That means they are not only bigger, but smarter!
According to author Patricia Cori, whales came from a planet called Oceana that is made mostly of water. This planet revolves around a Sirian star known as Satais. Cori says the songs of the whales and dolphins hold the ocean in balance and are essential to the harmony of all life on Earth.
For the first time in the five years I have been swimming with the whales, we had the experience of being right over a male whale named Sockeye who was singing his heart out. The song is in this YouTube video I made.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice

Today is a very special day, the Winter Solstice. For the past six months, the light has been decreasing the darkness has been increasing to the point where today is the shortest day of the whole year. The ancient site of Stonehenge marked this day by the spot where the sun rose on the horizon.

For the next three days the sun will rise at the same point, and then after three days, the light will start increasing and the darkness decreasing. Usually the hero is born on the solstice, the day when the turnaround happens and the light starts to grow. We mark this celebration in different ways in different cultures and religions, but it shows a definite turning point in the cosmic pattern. May the Light also grow in our hearts, today and always!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Musical Intervention

The next time you have a really difficult time with someone, ask for this simple intervention that my partner Robert Alcorn, MD, thought of: ASK THE SERAPHIM TO SING TO THAT PERSON. The Seraphim are the angels that hold the highest rank in the angelic choir, and they surround the throne of the Great Creator of All constantly singing praises. You can ask them to sing to you too!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Interstellar and the Fifth Dimension

Last night I was very moved by seeing the movie Interstellar.
While I have been reading about and talking about our planet's intended ascension into the fourth and fifth dimension for a long time, this movie depicted the transition actually happening. Currently our planet is in the third dimension, which corresponds to the third chakra--the solar plexus, which is about power. The world is in a power struggle between different ideologies, and the country with the most power or the biggest bombs gets to make the rules. To get up to the fifth dimension, we need to first transcend to the fourth dimension, corresponding to the heart chakra, where love makes the decisions. In the fourth dimension, we know we are all connected and make decisions based on what is best for the whole. Love as the greatest power in the universe comes through in the story portrayed by the love between Cooper and his daughter Murphy.
In the movie, the Fifth dimension is not bound by time or space, and the main character, Cooper, transmits information from the future to his daughter. It's mind-bending to realize how relative time is and to get a glimpse of healing realities possible once we truly understand quantum and scalar physics and have the spiritual development to use this information wisely.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Going Home

As I was re-reading George Ritchie Jr.'s seminal book Return from Tomorrow, I was again impressed with how being on the other side changes a person. Having a direct felt experience of the totally encompassing unconditional love the Beings of Light have for us and seeing where we go when we are finished with our physical bodies takes the fear out of death. Another author, Nanci Danison, had a near death experience while getting a breast biopsy. Later when her cancer came back, the doctor was surprised that she was so happy about her cancer diagnosis. She was feeling excitement that she would get to go home again.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Meaning of Halloween

Today is Halloween, a time when kids have fun by dressing up and going to houses asking for treats. But there is a dark side to this holiday too, inherent in the "Trick" part of the threat to do something nasty if a person does not give them treats. What is behind this holiday, this holy-day? Tomorrow, November 1st, is All Saints’ Day, a time to remember and appreciate those who have gone before us and helped this planet. The evening before is a time when the veil between the worlds gets thinner, so spirits that are always around us can be felt more than usual. The dark side also seems to have more license on this day to do tricks and scare people, so I am asking for extra protection from the heavenly hosts on this day for me and my loved ones. Hallowed-eve is supposed to be the Hallowed Evening before the big festival the next day. May we honor the true meaning of the day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This past weekend when my partner Robert Alcorn, MD, and I were speaking about the Djinn at the Universal Light Expo, I was very moved by what Robert said in the presentation about one's True Self being the very best protection we have against all kinds of darkness. Standing in the center of who we truly are, linked to beautiful Mother Earth beneath us and to Father Sky above us, claiming the piece of Source that is available to each of us, we are powerful!